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  • Anti-Touch Key with Protective Cover to Ensure Protection From Covid/Corona and other Germs
  • Pearl White Premium Finish | Super Sleek | Light Weight | Pocket Friendly | Sturdy & Durable | Can lift up to 10 Kgs | Washable & Easy to Sanitize
  • Open doors: Glass Doors | Refrigerators | Car Doors | Sliders & More
  • Press buttons: Lifts | ATMs | Switches | Card Machines
  • Grab bags: Shopping Bags | Grocery Bags | Hand Bags & more
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Previously known as the germa-phobe’s pocket-knife, this is now an everyday essential.

  • Live contact-free:
    Ideal for any germa-phobe looking to keep bacteria and virus’ away! Use it on door handles, kitchen sinks, gas pump keypads, ATM keypads, elevators, retail checkout payment pads, etc.!
  • Brilliant design:
    Light and durable. Sleek and stylish. Portable and sturdy. This is a weapon in the guise of a key.
  • Anti-bacterial:
    Made of antibacterial plastic that is effective in repelling germs (including but not limited to) the coronavirus, and many others.
  • Easy to maintain:
    It is extremely easy to maintain as it is washable (with soaps, sanitizers etc.), while being extremely durable (can lift </= 10 kg)

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Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 0.008 cm